Bilingual Official Recognised Elementary School Calendar

Our Bilingual Official Recognised Elementary School follows the below Calendar

  • Monday 9th September 2019: first day of school
  • Friday 1st November 2019: All Saints' Day Closure
  • from Monday 23rd December 2019 till Monday 6th January 2020: Christmas Holidays
  • Monday 24th February 2020: Carnival Holidays
  • Tuesday 25th February 2020: closed only the afternoon for Mardi Gras (no lunch at school)
  • From Friday 10th April till Sunday 19th April 2020: Easter Holidays
  • Friday 1st May 2020: Labour Day Closure
  • Monday 1st June and Tuesday 2nd June 2020: Anniversary of the Republic Closure
  • Friday 5th June 2020: last day of school