“The child is both a hope and a promise for mankind”
Maria Montessori

Welcome to Centro Montessori Cortina

We are an uncommon reality, located in a wonderful mountain area in the Dolomites.

Our Centre was born in 1997, and it is 22 years old. Legally, it is an Association of volunteering parents, started with the collaboration of Mrs Grazia Honegger Fresco, who was a pupil of Maria Montessori; her support is reflected on our everyday work. Along with Mrs Fresco, our centre has been guided by renovated figures as Mrs. Laura Simonetti, Mrs. Paola Collina and Mr. Raniero Regni.

What we offer

  • Montessori Toddler Class with "introduction to the English Language", recognised by the Veneto region (Age 1-3)
  • Casa dei Bambini with enhanced English Language, recognised by the Veneto region (Age 3-6)
  • bilingual Official Recognised Montessori Elementary School, recognised by the Italian State (Age 6-11)
  • bilingual Education Centre, that offers conferences, seminars and workshops related to Education (Age 0-18)
  • training offer of observation, apprenticeship and alternative school/work
  • a Service Centre upon request to support Age 0-18 (with the help of a psychologist, a speech therapist, a visual trainer, an optometrist, and a neuro-psychomotor therapist)
  • a bilingual Montessori High School is planned to start in September 2020 (Age 11-14)

Our Centre is particularly sensible to the surrounding natural enviroment

  • it was born as a Forest School
  • our pedagogic approach maintains a daily interaction with nature, for all groups of ages
  • our program includes explorative outings for both groups of ages, 3-6 and 6-11, with the support of the Regole di Ampezzo Park Ranger Mr. Manuel Constantini. The goal is to discover and learn to love and respect the Cortina territory
  • we promote outings for the group of ages 6-11 with Mr. Michele da Pozzo, Director of the Regole D'Ampezzo Park
  • we have among our Elementary team Mrs. Laura Bobbio, doctor in Natural Science

More information about us

  • the Montessori approach has different readings that originated different schools of thoughts
  • we employ both educators with Opera Montessori training (from Italy) and educators with AMI training, Association Montessori Internationale (Worlwide), along with Montessori/Wild training advisors (from Germany)
  • we are partners of Montessori Europe and founders of Associazione Montessori Italia Europa – A.M.I.T.E.
  • we published the book "Educare ad essere", written by Rebecca Wild, Edizioni Armando Roma, and the book “I dieci desideri dei bambini", written by Claus Dieter Kaul, Edizioni Auer Verlag Monaco (soon available again)
  • our students are the authors of the book "L'origine della terra in rima", edizione Unione dei Ladini d'Ampezzo, published in 2005
  • we are widely mentioned in the book "Libertà e amore" written by Elena Balsamo

You are more than welcome to visit us during our monthly open-day, that takes place on the third Wednesday of every month.

We look forward to further discussing our philosophy with you.