Casa dei Bambini Class Structure

The Casa dei Bambini is structured as follows

  • maximum 30 children age 3-6
  • hours: Monday-Friday 7.45-13.45. On Monday-Thursday you also have the option to extend the child’s day until 17.00.
  • flexible school attendance (minimum 4 consecutive days): morning frequency weekly/afternoon at your choice (minimum 2 consecutive afternoons due to psychological continuity. We offer the possibility of adding extra afternoons as needed including Friday afternoon and Saturday morning upon request with a minimum of 6 children
  • winter seasonal attendance (minimum 3 and maximum 5 consecutive months)

School enrolment and settling-in period year 2019-2020

  • by 30th June 2019 —> starting settling-in period 11th September 2019
  • by 30th August 2019 —> starting settling-in period 4th November 2019 and 18th November 2019 (seasonal attendance included)
  • by 30th September 2019 —> starting settling-in period 2nd December 2019 (seasonal attendance included)
  • by 28th February 2020 —> starting settling-in period 13th July 2020
  • enrolment year 2020/21—> by 28th February 2020

You can download the Enrolment Form (link) from the Files page